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Welcome To Av​a's Alterations!!!

There is an innate satisfaction in finding a garment that fits well.  I am the weaver, the dressmaker who alters each garment, be it ready to wear or a dream fashioned from a bolt of fabric. 

At Ava's Alterations, we strive to make your garment perfectly fitted to you, because it all starts with you and your dream of your perfect day. 

Many of the garments purchased from a store will fit.... almost.  Because they are made from a stock pattern, a stock size and manufactured in bulk.  But the human body is not cut from a pattern, so we must change the garment to fit the body, giving each customer a perfect fitting piece of clothing.  

Alterations are not just for wedding dresses or that once in a lifetime special occasion.  All garments can be altered to fit the wearer.  And a specially tailored garment makes the person wearing it feel like a million bucks.  That is our goal here at Ava'S Alterations.

Our Products and Services

Wedding gowns

Wedding gowns are one of the most expensive items a woman will ever purchase for herself.  Each gown will need to be bustled which is custom to each woman's height and cut of gown.  We also offer alterations such as taking in or letting out sides, hems, taking in or letting out skirts/waists, corset back replacement, and custom made veils. etc.



We have expert tailors here that will make your suit look like it was made for you.  Suit jackets, pants, shirts or vests.

Couture Dresses

Brides maids/ Special occasion/ Mother of....

Many of the same services that you would find for brides are also available for Special occasion dresses.  

Each garment is custom made to the specifications of the customer.  If you want a prom dress no one else could possibly have, or a special halloween costume, we can do that.  With specialty made garments, you can have your wardrobe designed specifically for you and whatever desired look you would like.

What our customers are saying

I can't say enough positive things about Ava herself and her work. She did an amazing job on my dress! She took my ideas of the perfect veil and made it from scratch, added her own touch to it and made it the most beautiful thing ever. So easy to work with. Really appreciate everything you did Ava, thank you!

Jennifer C. Elko, NV

Bride and groom

"Amazing! Amazing! Far exceeded my expectations. Great staff. The hour drive was worth every penny."

-Alvita Berlinger

"My dress looked fantastic thanks to Ava and her crew! They were very professional, kind and knowledgeable. They transformed my dress to be exactly what i wanted and more. It was not an easy job but I knew i could trust them with my dress and they did not disappoint." 

 -Riyam .T.

custom Wedding dress
Wedding dress alterations

"Ava’s was so great!! I was turned away by multiple seamstresses and was losing hope. I finally called the bridal store that I got my dress from (don't know why I didn't start there) and they suggested Ava’s. From the start, they were very welcoming, accommodating, and communicative with what was going on. I highly recommend Ava’s to anyone who needs alterations. My dress came out absolutely gorgeous."

 -Miss Chacón

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