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Repairing Jean Zippers

December 12th, 2016

You know the moment when your favorite pair of jeans stops being your favorite?  That moment when the zipper separates for good, and you're left wondering if you're ever going to find another pair to replace these?  Here, that same situation happened, and we replaced the zipper without disturbing the topstitching on the outside of the fly.

Adding a Hood to a Jacket

In this video, my customer "M" lost the hood to her ski jacket, but found another hood to replace it. She was very specific on how she wanted it fixed. I was glad to accommodate her desires.

There are several ways to replace missing hoods. We could have put a zipper in or buttons to make it removable, but M wanted it sewn permanently in. Here, I show you how she asked me to fix it.

Finally have our own Brand!  I love it!

December 13th, 2016

As of this afternoon, I have successfully made our banner for Facebook, YouTube and my business cards!  I love it, and am so proud that I managed it.  Took me almost all day, but it's done!  Let me know what you think!

Saving Prom

April 12, 2017

I got a call from a very distraught young lady about her prom dress. She had ordered it from England, believing that it was silver beading that made it so sparkly.  However, when it arrived it was not silver beading, but silver sequence material. She hated sequence, which is why she was so excited to find this dress, as well as why she was so disappointed when it turned out to be something she would never wear.

When I looked at the dress, I suggested going in a different route. Instead of trying to take off the sequence, we remade the entire bodice, cutting a sweetheart neckline from satin, doing custom embroidery and hand beading the design.

We attached the bodice to illusion materials to give it more stability and comfort, to make it a halter in the front and adding straps in the back. We also put boning into the bodice to give it some shape.

In the end, she was so happy with the dress and she had a wonderful time at prom with her date!

I've been absent for a while.....

July 7th, 2017

I apologize now to my friends.  My comptuer died, and I have to admit, without it, I have been quite lost.  I had so many of my pages stored in my computer, and articles with photos that I have been meaning to publish... and now, at least until I get a new computer, I am working off of my hubby's computer.  I am so grateful to be able to work still, but I am not used to Windows anything, so there is quite the learning curve here.  Thank you all for your patience!  Soon I will be back up and running.  In the mean time, I am still sewing every day, which I love!  So I hope to see you all soon!  And Happy Late 4th of July!!!

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