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Policies, Terms and Conditions



Dear Customer,

Please be advised of the following policies.

  1. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment I may have to reschedule you or ask that you wait in your car until I am finished with my current customer.
  2. No hems will be pinned if the waist is loose, or you do not have the exact shoes you are wearing with your garment. I am not responsible for the difference in length.
  3. I am not responsible for snags in sheer material overlays. I will be wrestling the dress and turning it over, around and inside out; as such, there is the potential for a snag. The incidence of snagging is rare, but as such, it is your choice to allow the alteration.
  4. More than one fitting is typical, please be prepared for multiple fittings as needed.
  5. If a garment needs to be re-done between the second fitting and the third fitting, due to size changes, there will be a second charge.  
  6. Any garment needing to be picked up within 3 days of drop off will be charged a rush fee appropriate to the garment. Rush fees are as follows:  
    1. Wedding Gowns:
      1. Less than 2 months $100.00
      2. Less than 1 month $150.00
      3. 1 week or less to event: $250.00
    2. Bridesmaids, Mother of..., and other formal attire:
      1. Less than 1 month $50.00
      2. 1 week or less to event $100.00
    3. All other garments
      1. Less than 2 weeks $25.00
      2. 1 week or less: $75.00
  7. Bodice fitting must have the undergarments/shapewear you will be wearing with the garment or we will reschedule you for when you have them. I am not responsible for the difference in size.
  8. Please be on your best behaviour while you are in my shop. There will be no screaming, accusations, foul language or complaining, even at times of disagreement or misunderstanding, because you have the responsibility to understand to the best of your ability what is going on with your garment; you are responsible for changing your mind mid-job after alterations have been made that cannot be restored to their previous condition; you are responsible for helping me to understand fully what you want - if my interpretations are different than what you supposed I would interpret, you are responsible for that difference; you are responsible for being flexible.
  9. Payment in full is expected at the time of your first fitting. If this is not possible, a payment plan of half up front and the balance when you pick up the garment.  If you change your mind after the first fitting but before work has begun, I will refund 75% of the fee to cover time spent in the first fitting.  If you change your mind after work has begun NO REFUNDS will be given NO EXCEPTIONS.
  10. Terms: If your measurements or shoe height change between time of fitting and the time of garment pick up, there will be a second charge for alterations needed.
  11. A mandatory steaming fee will be added to all formal garments.
  12. Any garments left over 30 days after pick up date is set you are forfeiting your garment and the item will be donated.
Sincerely yours,

Ava’s Alterations

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