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Ava’s Alterations 

Starting Prices

All prices are subject to change depending on complexity

Prices involve the Usual Suspects problems. Call to inquire further: 414-616-3030



Bridal Hems : 

Starts at $200.00

Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride/Groom, Flower Girl Dress Hems : 

Starts at $60.00

Bustle : 

Starts at $50.00

Bodice : 

Starts at $20.00

Professional Wear

Men’s Suit Coats, Sport Coats, Women’s Blazers + Sleeve Button Placket,

Slim or let out mid section (chest/waist/hips) : 

Starts at $45.00

Hem up Sleeves (involving 4-button plackets) : 

Starts at $40.00

With Working Buttonholes : Starts at $25.00

Hem up or let down coat  bottom:

Starts at $65.00



Jeans, dress pants, casual pants, knit pants, Take in or let out pants waist lined/unlined : 

Starts at $35.00

Replace zipper : 

Starts at $25.00

Taper legs : 

Starts at $20.00

Hem up (regular hem) : 

Starts at $15.00



Down jackets, all outdoor jackets, 

woolen coats, trench coats,

Slim or let out mid section (chest/waist/hips) : 

Starts at $25.00

Hem up sleeves : 

Starts at $40.00

Hem up or let down coat bottom with/without vent : Starts at $70.00

Replacing Zippers : 

Down: 75.00

All others: 50.00


Mending Holes : 

Starts at $5.00 per hole

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